Chapman University Game Development Contest 2007

Date: Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Time: 7pm - 9:50pm
Location: Leatherby Library, Room LLB13 (basement)

Here are the results from the Chapman University Game Development contest 2007. The students spent a lot of time getting these games done over the semester and the work was phenominal. Please feel free to contact me (wood at for information on the various games or the students who created them. This is the most talented group of students I have ever had the honor to teach.

10 minute presentations were given on each of the games. The judges (in alpahbetical order) were from the following companies: Blizzard, DarbeeVision, Google, JavaGround, Obsidian, Red5, and Superscape. I would like to thank all the judges for your time and attention and I hope this was a valuable experience.

- First Place -

RailGunner - A Futuristic FPS


The year is 2087. After great advances in the Computing and Physical Sciences, the military has ferverently been working on projects to reduce human presence on the battlefield. The results of these experiments has yielded a revolutionary mobile light-propulsion system known as "RailGunning", and a prototype of Robotic Combat Units capable of using them for transportation on the battlefield. Play as one of these robots through various combat simulations and missions and see that RailGunning is the way of the future.


Jess Bermudes
Noah Evans


  • RailGunning System allows for players to lay their own tracks and ride them as a new and cool form of transportation.
    Walking is so 21st Century!
  • Play as robots  and take advantage of all that technology has to offer
  • Futuristic twist on classic game-types

Content Rating:

Rated T for Teen. Contains violence.

Target Audience:

Appropriate for ages 13-adult.

Official Website:

Instructor review: Everyone would agree this is an amazing and polished game. Great innovation with the rail system and a lot of fun to play. Commercial quality as it was shown in the presentation. Many people were playing the game on the lan after all the presentations had finished.

- Second Place -



A first person shooter with multiplayer support. There are 4 teams to choose from with 4 different classes of Orcs. Each Orc spawns with a crossbow and a sword. Kills and mission objectives increase a players special. Specials include: Teleportation and Suicide Bomber. There are two gametypes supported: Capture the Flag and Death Match.


Nick Nabavian


2 Levels
Multiple weapons
Melee Attacks
4 Teams and Classes

Official Website:

tOrc Blog and Updates:
tOrc Forums:

Instructor review: This was a great team based game with a lot of work that went into the models, levels and user interface. Very innovative features in using the gui layer for some of the special effects. A well rounded game that is very playable.

-Third Place -

Doom Slayer III




143 years in the future, the worlds of our galaxy have been irradiated by constant battle. Amidst the destruction the household feline became the center of power for all of mankind. Years of radiation mutated the cats into the perfect source of fuel, ammo, and food. Now they are farmed and used in mechanized warriors to wage war. Welcome to Affliction.


William Heatley


  • Mechanized warriors
  • Multiple weapons
  • Unique control system
  • Feline Filled Action!


Instructor review: This game required a ton of changes to the C++ engine. The mech movement and animation system was a significant change to the engine as well as a laundry list of probably 30 other changes engine changes. The trailer is a MUST SEE. Very creative and technically impressive.

- Fourth Place -

Ork Fight



A third person sword-fighting game with massive battles and lots of orks. You set the time limit and score and fight the horde until one team is victorious over the other.


Chris Hughes


Two Teams
Massive Multiplayer Options
Detailed Scoring System

Instructor review: A lot of work went into the AI system for this game to make the Orcs fight in team fashion with other players. A great piece of work and a lot of fun to just sit back and watch the AI interactions.

- Fifth Place -



In the wastelands of the post-apocolyptic cities, Warring factions struggle for power. Without the manpower to fight, the factions turn to the vast Mercenary Organization. You play as one of these Mercenaries, signed up against his will to fight for a cause he doesn't know. Live, Die, There will be more.


Vinnie Morrison


2 levels
Multiple weapons
NPC's with motion captured movement and Voice acting.



Instructor Review: This game had the most depth of story and the number of elements that were created was staggering. A complete rewrite of the AI system was required to implement verbal character interactions. This game was just too big for the time frame and given a few more weeks it would have been a serious contender. Great work.

- Sixth Place -

Ectoplamsic offeres a quick-paced, fresh perspective on the traditional, team-based warefare game. Players are given the opportunity to play the role of a ghost or a human, and must use teambased strategies in order to survive and secure the manor.

Programming: Michael Diekmann
3D Artist/Scripting: Josh Lander
2D Artist/Environmental Design: Jean-Eric Khalife

Networked First Person Shooter
Original Models and Maps
Unique Player Abilities and Weapons

Instructor review: This was a beautiful game with models and environmental effects. The team play aspects and invisibility features were a lot of programming work. The development team was very well balanced between programming, modelling and design.

- Seventh Place -

Hell or High Water (HoHW)


A dimensional rift has opened, spawning demons all across the land, unfortunately the citizens of a local town are not aware of this newfound problem. It is up to one man, come hell, or high water to save them from the oncoming onslaught from this new demon threat. However, this young man finds himself locked in a prison ran by his soon to be overlords. Your job, in this fantasy/hexen style FPS, is to lead this man to freedom so he can warn the others


Thane Wahrer

Features (at time of showing):

A Fantasy FPS
Multiple Weapons
Cast spells as a Magus
Innovative Weapons
Upgradable Weapons

Instructor review: This game had a lot of potential and really just needed a few more weeks of development. There were some show stopper engine issues that were difficult and I helped work on that were unsolved when time ran out. It included fast paced game play and multiple levels with bosses. Great work.

- Eighth Place -

Beer Sweeper



A Fast Paced game in which the player is made to move around a dorm room, collecting full or empty beer cans. The game is time based, with a Drunk Meter that slowly runs out if no beer is consumed. However, each beer drunk increases the Drunk Meter, but simpultaniously affects the difficutly my modifying the player's senses. The game ends when all the beers are drank, or the drunk meter runs out.


Luis Jaggy


One level with increasing difficutly
Realistic recreation of the Chapman University dorms
Detailed Scoring System

Target Audience: 18-24

Rated: 21 and over-no underage drinking!

Instructor review: This was a fun game that really came together at the last minute. The change in controls once the player had consumed too much beer were a lot of fun to watch. Great work in programming by someone who was self described as a modeller. The dorm room was a great virtual representation of an actual dorm room at Chapman.



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