Congratulations to the following winners in the Chapman University spring 2006 game programming contest.


#1 Chapman Game Developer 2006

Jess M. Bermudes
Allstar Battle Royale

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Videogame Allstar Battle Royale is an all out battle for the best videogame character. Players race through stages from various videogames in an attempt to be the first to cross the finish line. The demo includes a working 1-Player pratice mode and online chat lobby to compare best times with other players.

Review: A networked multiplayer side scroller race game incorporating Mario and Sonic in their retirement. What would they rather do but race? A highly polished (a ton of polished code) side scroller showing an impressive and raw programming talent.

Second Place

Mathew Reynolds
Dr. Ninja Travels Through Time

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Simple minded college student, Tommy Gunn, stumbles upon a magic notebook that holds the power to summon a ninja to fulfill his wishes. Doubting the legitimacy of this claim, he instead uses the notebook for writing notes for his world history class. By using the magical notebook in this way, Tommy plummets Dr. Ninja, the greatest of ninja, with the power give and take life away, into a world consisting of inane doodles and odd misconceptions of history.

Review: An amazing piece of creativity incorporating cenematic photos with audio dialog, hand drawn images on blue line paper and philosophical musings. Very fun to watch.

Third Place

Michael Baker
Base Jumper

Review: One of the few 3D entries. It incorporated multiple levels of base jumping off various objects. A lot of work went into the models, maps and gameplay.

Fourth Place

Michael Diekmann and Reagan Williams
Kill Wars

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KillWars ia a multiplayer top-down shooter. It was developed to be in an applet on a website and be played by more than 10 people simultaneously, but time limitations allowed us to only support 2
players. In the future we will add in the capability to handle as many players as possible (with obvious network limitations in mind) and hope that this game will prove to be fun for everyone.

Review: A top down two person networked shooter game with smooth movement, polished interface and clean code design.

Fifth Place

Meghann Allweiss and Chris Bolduc
Cactus Sheep

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Taking a page from some of the punn games developed by Wood in class, the 3D networked race game was the only entry to incorporate both 3D and networking. While not 'finished' the bonus points for networking and 3d were enough to push this game into contention. The controls looked smooth and the race course had a stagecoach racing feel.

Sixth Place

Jean-Eric Khalife
Bubble Love

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The infamous blue bubble has fallen in love with the gorgeous pink bubble and has finally grown the bubbles to go and kiss her. His problem is he has to cross a mine field to do so and she plays hard to get.

Review: An action puzzle game with a quirky story and clean/polished feel. A creative endeavor with a fun mechanic and complete user interface.

Honorable Mention

Oliver Amezcua
Kid Rascal

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The "uncomprehensible" Kid Rascal is a game about how a child given the extordinary ability run fast has to save what is left of the adolescent race. When children become the enemy and the government is willing to do anything it takes for complete dominance only a child is able to discipline the adults. "For Kid Rascal, you wont find his friends on the playground"

Review: The students' choice for best game. A story heavy game with amazingly creative art sequences and audio. A brash attitude with 'Sonic' speed built into a side scroller. The lack of a scoring system and some missing game play elements were the only things that kept this out of contention. For the judge, one of the most fun games to watch (and work on)


Thank you

I would like thank all of the students in GameDev370 2006. The entire semester was a blast and it was a pleasure having each and every one of you in my class. Everyone worked extremely hard and you all deserve to work in the industry. May you always be learning and never give up on your dreams.


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Instructor: W. Wood Harter
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