Spring 2006 Game Development Contest

Honorable Mention

Oliver Amezcua
Kid Rascal

The "uncomprehensible" Kid Rascal is a game about how a child given the extordinary ability run fast has to save what is left of the adolescent race. When children become the enemy and the government is willing to do anything it takes for complete dominance only a child is able to discipline the adults. "For Kid Rascal, you wont find his friends on the playground"

Review: The students' choice for best game. A story heavy game with amazingly creative art sequences and audio. A brash attitude with 'Sonic' speed built into a side scroller. The lack of a scoring system and some missing game play elements were the only things that kept this out of contention. For the judge, one of the most fun games to watch (and work on).


CPSC370 - Games Development
Chapman University
Instructor: W. Wood Harter
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