Spring 2006 Game Development Contest

Second Place

Mathew Reynolds
Dr. Ninja Travels Through Time

Simple minded college student, Tommy Gunn, stumbles upon a magic notebook that holds the power to summon a ninja to fulfill his wishes. Doubting the legitimacy of this claim, he instead uses the notebook for writing notes for his world history class. By using the magical notebook in this way, Tommy plummets Dr. Ninja, the greatest of ninja, with the power give and take life away, into a world consisting of inane doodles and odd misconceptions of history.

An amazing piece of creativity incorporating cenematic photos with audio dialog, hand drawn images on blue line paper and philosophical musings. Very fun to watch.



CPSC370 - Games Development
Chapman University
Instructor: W. Wood Harter
(c) copyright 2006 - W. Wood Harter - All Rights Reserved
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