Spring 2006 Game Development Contest

#1 Chapman Game Developer 2006

Jess M. Bermudes
Videogame Allstar Battle Royale

Videogame Allstar Battle Royale is an all out battle for the best videogame character. Players race through stages from various videogames in an attempt to be the first to cross the finish line. The demo includes a working 1-Player pratice mode and online chat lobby to compare best times with other players.

A networked multiplayer side scroller race game incorporating Mario and Sonic in their retirement. What would they rather do but race? A highly polished (a ton of polished code) side scroller showing an impressive and raw programming talent.

This is not a commercial game and copyrights belong to their respective owners. Any copyright material is not associated with GameDev370/GameDev360 and was used solely for educational purposes. Individual students chose their own source material for game development.

CPSC370 - Games Development
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Instructor: W. Wood Harter
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