This is a list of tools we will be using in the class. This will be updated as the class progresses.

NSIS - This is the installer we are using to create our final projects.

Milkshape3D - This is a great 3D modelling tool and the book has a very detailed discussion on how to use it.

UVMapper - This takes milkshape models and allows you to create textures for them.

Blender - A great commercial 3D modelling tool that is now free.

Torque Game Engine

Official Torque Game Engine Documentation. This is a great overview resouce and you should spend some time reading these documents.

There is also a large amount of TGE documentation on the TDN site.

The public and private forums are a great source of information.

Torque Game Builder

Garage Games Forums

Public Forums

Private Forums (Torque Developer Network)

Torque Game Builder documentation


Microsoft Visual Studio .net

Win32 API Reference



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