Code Samples


Door Frame Trigger

A sample TGE Trigger (DoorFrameTrigger) created using the Garage Games TDN trigger documentation.


NSIS sample installer

A good sample starting point when using the NSIS installer.


Popup Target

I created the Popup Target in class to show how to do programatic animation (as opposed to model based). It is rough and doesn't really do much, but it will animate the first time you touch it. I will probably be a good place to start for programatic game animations.



HammerBot is an animated model created during a class lecture.



Springer is a full circle game sample built with TGB. This is used to show how to create a splash and main menu and score gui around a simple game mechanic.


Square Racer

Square Racer is Wood's solution to project #1. I started with the f15 sample below and also cleaned up the update and drawing code.


This section contains the C samples from lecture one. These are simple Win32 animations and games. They show it does not require an expensive and convoluted library to create games, You can create games with a bit of creativity and a general purpose compiler. The names f12-f16 are arbitrary.

f16 sample

A block dropping game sample using simple squares. Download. This is a more detailed game with a lot of animations and cascading movement. It is a full circle game and a good starting point to create a game in C.

f15 sample

The twiddle game written in C using Win32 API. Shows full circle games. Download. This is the simplest example of a full circle game that uses double buffering. This is a good starting point to create a game in C.

f13 sample

f12 with characters instead of blocks. Download. This does not use double buffering, so is not a good template to build a real game or animation.

f12 sample

A simple Win32 animated square display. Download. This does not use double buffering, so it is not a good example of double buffering.



Print this out, hang it on your wall where you can see it all semester.

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