Lecture Notes

These are my rough outline notes I use to prep for class. These will never substitute for the real class as they are mostly bullet items I plan to discuss. For best results, don't miss class.

08.May.07 Lecture 12
Final Exam, presentation preparation, career

01.May.07 Lecture 11
Changing model textures, score keeping

17.Apr.07 Lecture 11
Camera Pathing, Camera Control

10.Apr.07 Lecture 10
Torque Script, Datablocks, Agile Programming

27.Mar.07 Lecture 9
Midterm, torque internals, physics, pathing

20.Mar.07 Lecture 8
Focus on final projects, installers, triggers

13.Mar.07 Lecture 7
Interiors continued, More complex uv mapping, Blender, programatic movement
Special: Blender Overview

06.Mar.07 Lecture 6
Networking, Modeling and Animations, Interiors

27.Feb.07 Lecture 5
TGE Game Building and Modeling Introduction

20.Feb.07 Lecture 4
3D Graphics Primer and Torque Game Engine Intro

13.Feb.07 Lecture 3
Gui Builder and Full Circle Games with Torque Game Builder

06.Feb.07 Lecture 2
Torque Game Builder overview

30.Jan.07 Lecture 1.
Course overview. Creating games in C using Win32.





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