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This website is used for CPSC240 Game Development 1 at Chapman University. Part of the Minor in Game Development At Chapman University.

The course is now over and this is an archive of the website for the class.

The course syllabus outlines everything the course covered over the semester. The syllabus is the best place to start for information on this class.

We started by covering simple game development in C/Win32 and moved to the Torque Game Builder. From there we quickly moved into 3D game development using the Torque Game Engine. This was a great engine for teaching and for making games in general.

Students worked on final projects using Torque Game Engine and competed for a $100 EB Games giftcard. Judges for the competition will came from local game companies. We had judges from: Obsidian Games, Java Ground, Superscape, Google, Red5 and Blizzard.

To see the complete results of the contest click here.

Weekly assignments are located on the Assignments page.

There are numerous code samples from the weekly lectures and project solutions.

The tools we will be using and various resources useful in using and learning those tools are available on the tools page.

Each week I posted lecture notes. These are just rough notes I try and follow during class. They are a very poor substitute for attending class, but better than nothing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:
wood - @ - side8.com



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