Wood's Notes

These are some notes I take before class to remind me what we are going to talk about. They are probably useful for a review if you came to class. They are probably of limited value if you were not there.

01.31.06 - Introduction, Timing and Animation Framework
We mostly covered chapter 1 and 2 of the Killer Game Programming Book

02.07.06 - Velocity, Game Elements, Image introduction.

02.14.06 - Review, Images creation and display

02.21.06 - Projectiles and Audio

02.28.06 - Image Rotation, More Audio, Tile/Map Editors

03.07.06 - 2d+ and Isometric games, Level editors, Matrix math for 3d

03.14.06 - 3D math and concepts, Java3D, Animating with Java3D

03.21.06 - Transformations, Model Loaders, Viewport animation



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